Off-highway vehicles (OHVs) are rugged, versatile vehicles designed for off-road use, offering enthusiasts thrilling adventures across diverse terrain while providing access to remote and challenging landscapes.

Off-Highway Vehicles Volunteer Program

Some of Southern California’s most beautiful off-highway trails are protected by the dedication of the Off-Highway Vehicles (OHV) Volunteer Program and a partnership with the Forest Service that helps ensure safe and sustainable trails for the nature-loving public. Join the Southern California Mountains Foundation Off-Highway Vehicles Volunteer Program and experience the rewards of making a difference.

Our volunteers take action and responsibility for the protection of our natural resources to help ensure sustainability, and in turn, the Forest Service gains a presence in the field, promoting and dispensing vital messaging and education to the public.

Donate Now to Support OHV Education

Your donation will help protect Public Lands for everyone, now and for the future.

Each year our programs have a positive impact on Public Lands!

What We Have Done:



Service hours donated to provide OHV education and restore public lands.



Acres patrolled by dedicated volunteers.



Field contacts made by volunteers recreating the San Bernardino mountains.

What’s Happening with the OHV Program

extending a hand of opportunity to every corner of our community

Education & Outreach

The OHV Program reaches out to Off-Highway Vehicle enthusiasts wherever they are: on the trails where they recreate, in the showrooms where their love affair begins, and even in the classrooms where they are first introduced.

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Education riders about save off highway riding

OHV Guide

In cooperation with the San Bernardino National Forest, we work annually to update an educational guide for OHV enthusiasts of every level to promote responsible recreation on the right trails when recreating in the Forest.

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adrenaline-pumping rides and unforgettable outdoor experiences in the heart of nature's playground

OHV Trails and Staging Areas

Come explore nature’s wonders via a designated OHV trail. From day-trip picnics to overnight camping trips, there is something for everyone. Check out our list of trails and staging areas to plan your trip. We include safety information and prerequisites so your adventure is safe and special.

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Donate Now to Support OHV Education

Your donation will help protect Public Lands for everyone, now and for the future.

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