Empowering communities through hands-on environmental stewardship, fostering a sustainable urban future while creating meaningful opportunities for personal growth and community engagement.

Urban Conservation Corps of the Inland Empire

The Southern California Mountains Foundation Urban Conservation Corps offers young men and women the chance to better their lives. Corpsmembers serve in the Southern California Mountains and become employable citizens through hard work in environmental conservation. Meaningful projects build valuable workforce skills that increase job readiness.

Young adults from San Bernardino and Riverside counties ages 18-25 can join our program to get paid work experience and earn their high school diploma through our onsite John Muir Charter School. We have two sites:

Coachella Valley: 82-579 Fleming Way #C, Indio, CA 92201
Phone: 760-342-1502

San Bernardino: 1355 West 26th Street, San Bernardino, CA 92405
Phone: 909-890-0400

Urban Conservation Corps Inland Empire

organization focused on environmental conservation and community development in urban areas

Created in 2006, the Urban Conservation Corps of the Inland Empire (UCCIE) is the largest community-based conservation corps in the Inland Empire. Each year the UCCIE provides more than one hundred thousand hours of public service conservation work and disaster assistance in all regions of the Inland Empire – urban, suburban and rural. Our projects include:

Recycling Services | Forest Restoration | Wildfire Fuels Reduction | Park Maintenance | Interpretive Programs/Community Outreach | Landscape & Maintenance | GPS Monitoring | Neighborhood Revitalization | Graffiti Removal | Trail Building

Corpsmembers are California residents from diverse backgrounds ages 18-25 years old, organized into crews of 10 members, led by a full-time supervisor, and equipped with uniforms, tools, and safety gear. You can hire one of our dedicated corpsmembers to assist with your labor projects while promoting environmental stewardship to disadvantaged youth.

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Your donation will help protect Public Lands for everyone, now and for the future

Each year our programs have a positive impact on Public Lands!

What We Have Done:



Young Adult Corpsmembers provided workforce development opportunities.



Tons of recycled materials diverted
from landfills.



Service hours provided to protect public lands.

What’s Happening with the UCC Program

charter, or contract, granted by a chartering authority

John Muir Charter Shool

Some of our corpsmembers face the added challenge of finding their way in a competitive job market without a high school diploma. In 2006 the Urban Conservation Corps established a program designed to maximize the empowerment of all of its members.

program or initiative focused on hiring individuals who have completed service in a conservation corps

Hire the Corps

Our hard-working corpsmembers are ready to help make your next project a tremendous success.  From collecting material for recycling to completing outdoor conservation projects, we have the skills and determination to get the work done. 

initiative that facilitates the collection, processing, and recycling of various materials

Recycling Services

Our recycling program teaches vocational skills focused on technical, customer service, and job readiness. Corpsmembers ensure millions of plastic bottles, cans and e-waste are diverted from landfills; increasing reuse while reducing environmental pollution.

Donate Now to Support the Urban Conservation Corps

Your donation will help protect Public Lands for everyone, now and for the future

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