What is Restoration?

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Restoration means creating and maintaining healthy, resilient forests capable of delivering all of the benefits that people get from them: clean air and water, carbon sequestration, habitat for native fish and wildlife, opportunities for outdoor recreation, and more.

SCMF has a thriving restoration team working hard this past year! During the pandemic, forest visitation rose exponentially, and subsequently, so did damage to our forest. SCMF staff, with the help of volunteers and our Urban Conservation Corps, have been fixing illegal off-trail damage, removing garbage and invasive weeds, planting trees, repairing and installing fences, and installing signs throughout the forest. In the past year, we constructed over 3 miles of new fence, planted 9,000 trees, collected 300 lbs of seed, removed 4 tons of invasive weeds, and cleared 6 tons of garbage from the forest. We also helped the Forest manage 3 native plant nurseries and restored 15 miles of unauthorized routes. Contact us at [email protected] to join the team by signing up to volunteer today!

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