Steps to Adopt-A-Trail

Step 1: Choose How You Want To Contribute

You can help out with either Volunteer Hours, a Financial Donation, or both. For Volunteer Hours, each trail requires a commitment to perform at least 50 hours of volunteer work. Each trail requires a financial donation.

Step 2: Pick A Trail Section

First, see what is available. The map below provides a broad overview of the area and has all of the Adopt-A-Trail sections on it. Click on a section to see what trail it is, who has adopted it, or if it is available. Use the above table to see a list of all the trail sections and their current status.

Step 3: Get In Touch With Us

Use the contact form to the right or email

    This map shows the current status for all trail adoptions:

    • BLUE sections are pending adoption
    • GREEN sections are looking for a financial adopter
    • RED sections are fully adopted

    Adopt-A-Trail Map

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