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Southern California Mountains Foundation

Fire Lookouts Needed 2017

Fire Lookout Host Program

Contact: George or Pam Morey (909) 225-1025 or

 Volunteers Needed to staff the Fire Lookouts!

The Fire Lookout Host Program, which is one of the six Volunteer programs of the Southern California Mountains Foundation, is recruiting Volunteers to staff fire lookouts for the 2017 fire season. Lookout Volunteers help to protect the forest and local mountains communities as well as the communities along and outside of the forest boundary from the threat of fire. Lookout Volunteers also act as hosts to many visitors to the lookouts.

New Volunteer trainings begin April 8nd, 2017. To be a Fire Lookout host, Volunteers must attend 4 training classes.

  1. Orientation- a two hour introduction to the program
  2. Interpretation/Natural History- a three hour class
  3. Operations-an all day seven hour class
  4. In-Tower Training- an eight hour, hands on training that takes place in the Lookout with an experienced host

    Dates and additional information are posted on the Southern California Mountains Foundation website; www.mountainsfoundation.org/fire-lookouts  or contact the Fire Lookout Host Program Coordinator, Pam Morey, at (909) 225-1025 or e-mail at

What You Can Expect as a Volunteer

Thank you for your interest in becoming a volunteer for the Southern California Mountains Foundation (SCMF)-Fire Lookout Host Program. We know that you will enjoy this opportunity to serve the community and local fire agencies in helping to prevent devastating wildfires such as we have experienced in recent years. In addition, you will host visitors to the lookout. The mission of the Fire Lookout Host reflects the mission of the SCMF:

Southern California Mountain Foundation believes that connecting communities to our public lands is the key to their survival. We mobilize individuals to inspire and engage in environmental citizenship.      

There are three paths through which you can assist with this important public service,

  1. Training to become a qualified volunteer fire lookout.
  2. Interpret the natural and cultural history of the fire lookouts, and the surrounding area
  3. Assisting in the physical restoration of the lookout structure and grounds.

                    …or a combination of the above.

Becoming a fire lookout is an interesting, enjoyable, and rewarding undertaking. However, it is not a position to be taken lightly. This quote from our Training Objectives underlines the importance of our role in protecting the Forest.

Our primary objective . . . is to provide timely and accurate information to fire-fighting resources in the areas of fire detection, weather conditions, and communications and greeting visitors warmly, and providing general forest information.

Our lookout hosts must be professional, reliable, attentive and most importantly, trustworthy as they may have a larger perspective of the fire environment, how incoming weather impacts it and the safety of personnel in the field.” Anyone age 18 or over can become a lookout. 

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