Southern California Mountains Foundation

Volunteer Restoration at the Lytle Creek Nursery

Lytle Creek Native Plant Nursery, Lytle Creek Ranger Station

About this Event

Easy | 3-4 hours max. | Number of Volunteers: 20 | Family Friendly

Nursery Work

9:30AM - 1:00PM meet at the Lytle Creek Ranger Station

Restoration - Forest Nursery

Join us for a fun day out in the forest nursery. This is an easy project that anyone can participate in.

Projects vary by season from painting sheds, installing fencing and other maintenance projects to watering plants, weeding, planting, bumping up seedlings to bigger pots or collecting native seeds - whatever needs to be done that day.

By growing and planting native plants from locally collected seeds, we protect native habitat, sensitive species, as well as unique cultural resources.

You can feel good knowing you are helping to restore the Forest we all enjoy and love. 🌱

No training needed. Families welcome. Bring lunch, water, and sun protection. No services nearby.

Thanks to our partners at the US Forest Service.

Email at for more information.