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Seed Collecting in Baldy Mesa

Easy | 4-5 hours max. | Number of Volunteers: 30 | Family Friendly

Seed Collection and Watering: Baldy Mesa (Trestles) OHV Staging Area

Saturday, September 14, 9AM - 1PM

Restoration - High Desert scrub habitat

High-clearance vehicle required

Come on out for an afternoon of collecting native seeds that will be used for restoration projects. This is part of a three year grant to restore off-highway vehicle (OHV) unauthorized trails. By planting native plants grown from locally collected seeds, it protects native habitat, sensitive species of plants, as well as unique cultural resources.

Seeds collected today will be used for growing plants in our greenhouse, then planted or they will be dispersed onto restoration sites that have been damaged by unauthorized OHV's. Botanists and plant specialists will be on hand to determine what seeds are ready on project day.

We will also hand water plants on previously planted restoration sites, using buckets and watering cans to minimize disturbance to the plants. Watering plants in their native habitat for up to three years after planting greatly increases their chance for survival. This work is especially critical during the hot, dry seasons when we can’t afford to take a break from watering.

Volunteers are crucial to the survival of these newly planted natives, which provide nectar food for insects and hummingbirds, food for animals, and nesting areas for wildlife. Many of the plants are also important host plants for pollinators of all kinds. This is an easy, fun project that anyone can participate in. Bring your friends and family.

No training needed. Families welcome. Bring water, lunch, and sun protection. No services nearby. Bathroom available.

Thanks to our partners at the US Forest Service.

Email for more information.

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