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Southern California Mountains Foundation

Restoration Volunteers Needed!

Volunteers are needed by the Southern California Mountains Foundation!  Come help us protect and restore forest habitat and You'll Feel Great!  We will teach you how to collect native seeds, water restoration sites, plant trees and native plants, work in the native plant nurseries and remove invasive plants! For more information please email us at volunteer@mountainsfoundation.org.

Check our full calendar at:

https://calendar.google.com/calendar/b/3/r?tab=wc or click HERE to sign up.

Fall 2019 Schedule

September 14th: Seed Collecting near the Baldy Mesa Staging Area. CLOSED

September 21st: Lytle Creek Nursery Day- watering native plants and weed removal. Sign up here

September 28th: National Public Lands Day- meadow restoration at Cienega Redondo (Big Bear Area). Free lunch is included! For more information click here and please email: megan.clement@usda.gov

October 5th: Private event with Yamaha Corporation. Rattlesnake Mountain trail brushing & mulching. If you are interested in hosting a private restoration event with your organization please contact us at volunteers@mountainsfoundation.org.

October 12th: Seed Collecting on Cleghorn Mountain.  Sign up here. 

October 19th: U.S. Forest Service restoration project TBA. For more information click here

October 26th: Removing invasive plants at Lytle Creek.  Sign up here

November 2: Seed collecting in Rattlesnake Mountain. Sign up here

The Southern California Mountains Foundation works with the US Forest Service and volunteers, like you, to restore damaged public lands. We believe that connecting communities to our public lands is the key to their survival.

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