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Hikes for Tykes

Bring your little ones to enjoy a short walk on the Alpine Pedal Path! The kids will enjoy learning about nature's color palette. Free!

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Categories: Discovery Center

Pinecone Birdfeeders

Bring your kids to make their very own pinecone birdfeeder for their feathered friends! Free!

    • PineCone BirdFeeder Discovery Center
Categories: Discovery Center
Tags: Free, kids, nature

High Flying Rockets

Older kids can enjoy building their own high flying rocket from recycled materials. Kids will build their rocket and send it soaring. Free!

    • Field with grass and trees and fence
Categories: Discovery Center
Tags: Free, education, kids

On the Right Trail

Learn about trail ethics and rules in a fun way. Kids steer their own RC car around a dirt obstacle track. Free!

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Categories: Discovery Center
Tags: Free, kids, nature

Night Hike

    • Discovery Center Nature Walk Volunteer

Come join us for an educational hike with the family! Participants meet at the Dogwood amphitheater for a 45 minute hike. Hikes are designed for participants of all ages and skill levels. Free.