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Southern California Mountains Foundation


We are currently hiring for the following positions. Click the job title for more information.

UCCIE Director of Corps Operations

The Southern California Mountains Foundation is looking for a dynamic, goal oriented, organized leader and seasoned professional to oversee the day-to-day operations of UCCIE. The UCCIE Director of Corps Operations will be responsible for directing, managing, training and motivating five program managers that comprise the UCCIE program management team. The UCCIE management team members are responsible for the oversight and management of each program (recycling, conservation, corpsmember development/charter school, warehouse/fleet, and the Indio satellite site). Each manager has a set of duties and responsibilities for the operations, functions, safety, logistics and management of their division including supervising employees and corpsmembers. 

Accounts Payable Clerk

The accounts payable clerk position is responsible for organizing and recording financial transactions for the organization and to assist the management team with administrative tasks. The Accounts Payable Clerk will collect and record the organization’s purchases and contract payments in Intuit QuickBooks, pay vendor bills in a timely manner with different payment methods (e.g., checks, ACH, credit card), record employee reimbursements and create payments, collect and report employee purchase requests for credit card purchases, run a monthly A/P aging report and make payments for any past due bills, maintain petty cash accounts, and create 1099 for independent contractors yearly.

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